We improve the wellbeing, competitiveness and education of our region, and develop new products, services and operating models. We work in close multi-disciplinary cooperation with the world of work and business.


We promote the development of small social and healthcare companies in Northern Savo

We develop virtual learning environments for social and health care sector

We build a health technology product development and testing environment services for companies

We promote knowledge and utilization well-being and health robotics

We are creating an innovation cluster for oral health

We are building a training package on wellbeing technology in the social and health care sector. The training will lower the technology-related threshold and facilitate the work of nursing staff.

Improving the well-being and productivity of workers, reducing absenteeism and prolonging working lives by preventively addressing threats to sleep and reinforcing factors contributing to sleep.

Creating new and flexible learning and education solutions, content, tools and educational materials for health and new ways to leverage technology